Nov 192011
The Saga of the Successful Restraining Order / La Saga de la Orden de Restricción Exitosa

[:us]“I think she’s retarded,” said the helpful neighbor. She was a big-busted woman with cheerfully tinted blonde hair and multicolored polyester clothes. She lived next to a young woman who was fleeing domestic abuse; it was their third visit to the Self-Help Legal Clinic at Superior Court. The abuse survivor – we’ll call her “Juana” […]

Nov 192011

[:us]Can machines translate? Do we really need people? We’ve all heard Aesop’s Fables at one time or the other, and the morals or sayings that follow. This fable also has a moral at the end. A few years ago, an agency contacted me to edit a manuscript. It was an engineering text by a French […]

Sep 212011

[:us]Communicate your message – don’t just translate it! Machines can translate words. People speak them. And people always speak in context – of a professional setting, situation, culture – in work-oriented vocabularies, jargon, dialect. Words have connotations. Words have consequences. Nuance is everything. “¿Como estás, buey?” “How are you, ox?” I don’t think so! Yes, […]