Dec 262014

Welcome to the Boomer mashup at holiday time. Besides sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll and Woodstock, many Boomers went off the reservation for marriage, religion, and parenting—intermarrying, adopting other religions or becoming atheists/Wiccans/Rastafarians, adopting their children, often interracially. We’ve created a multicultural mashup that both blooms and boomerangs at holiday time. It’s especially relevant this […]

Dec 292013
The Boomer New Year and the Ghosts of Christmas Past

Just in time for Boomer’s New Year’s Eve, I’ve been having dreams about the past. Out of some black hole in my subconscious, old lovers, my ex, and other ghosts of Christmas Past have emerged to haunt my sleeping hours. Where did they come from? Several of these memory materializations haven’t been part of my […]

May 172013
The Mature Single and Mother’s Day:  Angst, Ambivalence, and Brunch

Mother’s Day was founded by a woman who tried to stamp it out. This begins to give you an idea of how fraught with angst, ambivalence, and guilt this holiday is. Most holidays have an underside—the way they twist the knife in the wounds of people who can’t replicate the official, happy version in their […]