Nov 052017
Apples and Oranges:  Mature Single Orange Tangles with Apple

Steve Jobs has been dead since 2011 and he’s messing with my love life. Jobs invented Apple; like many other non-geniuses, I am an orange. And I’m still looking for my “media naranja”—my “half orange”/partner/soul mate to make beautiful fruit salad together. I was made aware of Job’s power over me this past Mother’s Day. […]

Sep 172014

It’s the delicate balance between pleasure and pain, torture and beauty, function and art. No, not sadomasochistic sex or Fifty Shades of Grey. The topic is more important: SHOES. I spent a sick day at home this week, moping and sneezing. I could have caught up on library books, visited online dating sites to find […]

Nov 152013
Teach Your Children Well:  Memories of Teachers Past

Last weekend there was a coffee date that turned into a dinner date that turned into indigestion. My gray-haired ponytailed Boomer companion was obviously in a funk, talking about “dating old”–when conversations are more about your past than your future. Meanwhile, at the next table, a blonde, slender twenty-something couple shed their sheepskin coats and […]

May 172013
Single and Unemployed--Alone on the Front Lines

“When the truth is found to be lies….and all the joy within you dies….” (“Somebody to Love,” Jefferson Airplane) On the front lines, bombs bursting, shell shock, battle fatigue, PTSD. Of course, being single and unemployed is nothing like being in combat. At least you can agonize at Starbucks instead of a tank or bunker. […]

Apr 122013
Love and Taxes-Why Being Single Should Be Tax-Deductible

Benjamin Franklin wrote on November 13, 1789, “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Ben F. would find that much has changed if he were to reappear today—but death and taxes would be all too familiar. I would like to amend Ben’s quote to “love and taxes,” since […]

Mar 292013
Dating Occupational Hazards--Can Writers Date?

Dating Occupational Hazards–Can Writers Date? Are there occupational hazards in dating? Professions to romantically avoid? Can writers date? L.I.L has previously categorized different styles of coffee daters, including Interrogators and High Flyers. I was recently on the first date firing line with a curious combination of both. The gentleman invited me to dinner, which is […]

Feb 012013
The Coffee Date-The Business of Dating

It’s where it all begins—the coffee date–a casual, risk-free way to meet your online prospects with minimum investment of time and energy. It’s supposed to be a simple social interaction; at best, the gateway to romance. Of course, it’s a job interview and a business transaction in disguise—a cost/benefit analysis. And the negotiations begin immediately. […]