Jul 082017
Mature Single Dating--A Bumpy Ride

Even I have to admit that it’s not going well. The road to finding my boomer soul mate seems lined with banana peels– an obstacle course full of pratfalls as hope collides with reality. The true definition of madness—according to none other than Albert Einstein—“is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a […]

Oct 162014
Random Mingling Disorder and the Mature Single

Are you uncomfortable in large groups and not at your best when mingling with the herd? Do you feel invisible or tongue-tied when approaching complete strangers? You don’t feel up to making a splash in a school full of fish? Does the prospect of random mingling make you want to stay home and watch PBS? […]

Mar 162014

Are you an atheist, or a Boomer metrosexual, macho, or feminist who can’t tell a hamsa from a handshake, and thinks all things Israeli are the height of political incorrectness? But if you’re a mature single, you have a lot in common with singles with whom you think you have nothing in common. Let’s take […]

Sep 272013
Twentieth First Century Dating with Jane Austen:  Blame it on Jane

As a mature single of the female persuasion, I read Jane Austen’s books every few years and have seen almost every movie version featuring English male eye candy like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. What does Jane Austen have to do with us, the single, mature dater navigating the shoals of twenty-first century dating since […]

Jun 212013
Vampire Romance and the Mature Single

Vampires are really in vogue–“Breaking Dawn,” “Twilight,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Vampire Academy,” not to mention the classic Bela Lugosi Dracula. The vampire theme has bled into every genre. There are vampire murder mysteries, and books featuring Jane Austen and Abraham Lincoln as vampires or vampire slayers. (L.I.L.’s favorite vampire is the monocled Count von […]