Sep 102017
Boomers in Bed-Libido, Love, and LTRs

There’s an aspect of my current state as a boomer mature single that is distinctly inconvenient —my libido. In theory, sex is all men ever want and I should be handing out numbers like a deli counter. If you’re looking for the whole package—libido plus LTR—life is more complicated. (We’re not counting the twenty-eight-old aspiring […]

Jul 082017
Mature Single Dating--A Bumpy Ride

Even I have to admit that it’s not going well. The road to finding my boomer soul mate seems lined with banana peels– an obstacle course full of pratfalls as hope collides with reality. The true definition of madness—according to none other than Albert Einstein—“is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a […]

Aug 092013
Unrequited Romance, Online Dating and the Elusive LTR—Why Do We It?

Online dating is designed to cut directly to the chase –supply us with the most scientifically matched prospects to multiply our chances for a mutually fulfilling LTR. But multiplying the prospects also exponentially increases the chance for unrequited romance—rejection by people who we would never even have met, let alone reject us, except through online […]

May 242013
Online Dating, Magic Algorithms, the Elusive LTR and "Mundanities"

Corresponding with potential LTR prospects, scientifically selected by one’s online dating site’s magic algorithms, can take hours, if not days. It can substitute for your dating life. “Sorry to be so mundane,” writes one potential LTR correspondent, who is describing how he crock-pots a stew to last for several days, is filing his taxes, thinking […]