Oct 162014
Random Mingling Disorder and the Mature Single

Are you uncomfortable in large groups and not at your best when mingling with the herd? Do you feel invisible or tongue-tied when approaching complete strangers? You don’t feel up to making a splash in a school full of fish? Does the prospect of random mingling make you want to stay home and watch PBS? […]

Apr 072014

We may be looking for romance, but from the first negotiations for a coffee date, we’re actually involved in a business transaction. Online dating involves lots of decision-making, so it makes sense to go to a business book to find out how to improve ours–Decisive—How To Make Better Choices in Life and Work–by two brothers, […]

Jan 122014
Mature Singles, “Her,” and the Technology of Love

Has life as a mature single become tiresome and awkward—“awk” as my 21-year-old daughter would say? Does online dating feel like an investment of time and energy that is out of proportion with the ROI (Return on Investment)? Are you beginning to lose hope that you will find your mature lover and partner? Mature singles, […]

Nov 302013
The Mature Single Thanksgiving: Time Passages and The Times They Are A-Changin’

This Thanksgiving was different. There is a soundtrack to every life event for all Boomers. This Thanksgiving it was Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a’Changin’” and Al Stewart’s Time Passages. It’s the new tradition– a family-less Thanksgiving. My daughter is in New York City. My technically ex-stepson is local, but there are complications with […]

Nov 092013
Dancing on the Other Side of the Street:  Mature Singles with Children

Being a mature single is to revisit our teenage/young adult years with graying hair and wrinkles. We’re still faced with all the confusion and challenges of sex and relationships, but with a lifetime of baggage to add to the mix. As mature daters, many of us have teenagers or young adults of our own. Our […]

Nov 032013
Dinner and the Mature Dater—The Dilemma of the Romantic Dinner ROI

What does food have to do with mature singles and romance? Does dinner equal sex? It’s food for thought. There is a tacit, time-honored dating assumption that a certain amount of food and drink add up to sex. It’s one of the oldest transactions in romantic commerce–the ROI (return on investment) of romantic dining. A […]

Oct 252013
Serial Dating and the Mature Single

se·ri·al adjective \ˈsir-ē-əl\ : arranged or happening in a series of a crime : committed many times usually in the same way of a criminal : committing a series of crimes A complete stranger once snarled at L.I.L., “oh, you’re just one of those serial daters,” with the kind of expression most often used for […]

Oct 042013
The Single Boomer and the Steel-Clad Significant Other

We may all have fantasies of a steel-clad, sleek chassis—owning one or being in a relationship with someone who does. Remember that old Harley ad about “four tons of hot steel between your legs?” For a mature single, our most essential significant other may have four wheels and be made out of metal. My intimate […]

Aug 162013
Mature Singles and Good Looks:  The Face of Beauty

We all want to be known and loved in our entirety. But it’s our outer self that is the significant factor for the all-important profile photo, especially when it’s a masculine eye that’s doing the looking. Can you capture the attention of your prospective mate during the .0835th of a second that his/her eyes scan […]

Aug 022013
Boomer’s Lament—Over Thirty and Underachiever?

“Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty.” If you’re reading L.I.L., you’re old enough to remember this slogan–or young enough to discover this piece of cultural history—attributed to Jerry Rubin, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, or Abby Hoffman. Boomers entered puberty in the Sixties with all the arrogance and self-righteousness of youth, convinced that they would never grow […]