Nov 052017
Apples and Oranges:  Mature Single Orange Tangles with Apple

Steve Jobs has been dead since 2011 and he’s messing with my love life. Jobs invented Apple; like many other non-geniuses, I am an orange. And I’m still looking for my “media naranja”—my “half orange”/partner/soul mate to make beautiful fruit salad together. I was made aware of Job’s power over me this past Mother’s Day. […]

May 102013
Love and Fruit--Finding Your "Media Naranja"

There’s an interesting expression in Spanish for finding your soul mate—he/she is your “media naranja”—your “orange half.” (Prince Charming is also “El Príncipe Azúl”—the ”Blue Prince,” because any real prince charming would presumably have the “blue” blood of the aristocracy). I’ve been on dates with prospects who turned out to be rambutans—a fruit shaped like […]