Nov 052017
Apples and Oranges:  Mature Single Orange Tangles with Apple

Steve Jobs has been dead since 2011 and he’s messing with my love life. Jobs invented Apple; like many other non-geniuses, I am an orange. And I’m still looking for my “media naranja”—my “half orange”/partner/soul mate to make beautiful fruit salad together. I was made aware of Job’s power over me this past Mother’s Day. […]

Jun 282013
Father's Day-and Dating Fathers

I’ve never been a father, but I’ve certainly dated a few. Mother’s Day Mother’s Day. is an annual orgy of angst and ambivalence. How do fathers and Father’s Day stack up in comparison to Mother’s Day? For starters, it took fifty-eight more years for Father’s Day to be recognized officially. Sonora Dodds, daughter of a […]

May 172013
The Mature Single and Mother’s Day:  Angst, Ambivalence, and Brunch

Mother’s Day was founded by a woman who tried to stamp it out. This begins to give you an idea of how fraught with angst, ambivalence, and guilt this holiday is. Most holidays have an underside—the way they twist the knife in the wounds of people who can’t replicate the official, happy version in their […]