Jul 032016

It sounded like a good idea at the time to this boomer single. A direct invitation to an actual event from an online dating contact, instead of hours virtually chatting and not even sharing an actual cup of coffee in real time. A birthday party on a Friday evening for the owner of a restaurant […]

Jan 122014
Mature Singles, “Her,” and the Technology of Love

Has life as a mature single become tiresome and awkward—“awk” as my 21-year-old daughter would say? Does online dating feel like an investment of time and energy that is out of proportion with the ROI (Return on Investment)? Are you beginning to lose hope that you will find your mature lover and partner? Mature singles, […]

Oct 252013
Serial Dating and the Mature Single

se·ri·al adjective \ˈsir-ē-əl\ : arranged or happening in a series of a crime : committed many times usually in the same way of a criminal : committing a series of crimes A complete stranger once snarled at L.I.L., “oh, you’re just one of those serial daters,” with the kind of expression most often used for […]

Aug 162013
Mature Singles and Good Looks:  The Face of Beauty

We all want to be known and loved in our entirety. But it’s our outer self that is the significant factor for the all-important profile photo, especially when it’s a masculine eye that’s doing the looking. Can you capture the attention of your prospective mate during the .0835th of a second that his/her eyes scan […]

Aug 092013
Unrequited Romance, Online Dating and the Elusive LTR—Why Do We It?

Online dating is designed to cut directly to the chase –supply us with the most scientifically matched prospects to multiply our chances for a mutually fulfilling LTR. But multiplying the prospects also exponentially increases the chance for unrequited romance—rejection by people who we would never even have met, let alone reject us, except through online […]

Jul 192013
LiarsRUs--Online Dating Profiles and the Mature Single

Fifty-three % of online daters lie in their dating profiles, according to a 2011 survey by global research agency Opinion Matters Opinion Matters 13.8% of both male and female mature singles between 45-50 were using an old photo, and 29% were fudging about body shape and weight. 18% of men and women of all ages […]

May 312013
Haunted at the Singles Group--The Skeleton at the Feast

Haunted He’s at every event I’ve ever attended of this particular singles group. He is always there–at the concert of Cuban music, Russian music, Lieder, Tango. Decrepit and immaculate, in suit and tie, always going around the room so he can lead any available female, including ushers, servers, and ticket takers, in the same stiff […]

May 242013
Online Dating, Magic Algorithms, the Elusive LTR and "Mundanities"

Corresponding with potential LTR prospects, scientifically selected by one’s online dating site’s magic algorithms, can take hours, if not days. It can substitute for your dating life. “Sorry to be so mundane,” writes one potential LTR correspondent, who is describing how he crock-pots a stew to last for several days, is filing his taxes, thinking […]

Apr 262013
Dating Profiles are Forever-- The Dating Profile Half-Life and 22nd Century Dating

Does online dating work? Can you be just a little bit pregnant? According to one Drexel University study, about one in five Americans find his or her spouse via online dating websites. An interesting Anson Alexander Infographic estimates 17% of marriages were through online dating in 2009-10, compared to 38% of couples tying the know […]

Mar 292013
Dating Occupational Hazards--Can Writers Date?

Dating Occupational Hazards–Can Writers Date? Are there occupational hazards in dating? Professions to romantically avoid? Can writers date? L.I.L has previously categorized different styles of coffee daters, including Interrogators and High Flyers. I was recently on the first date firing line with a curious combination of both. The gentleman invited me to dinner, which is […]