Oct 042016
Renting for Romance-Boomers with Benefits

It was a rude awakening to realize that my rent is now equivalent to my take-home salary, give or take a few Starbucks lattes. Single, boomer, broke—and working full-time. Welcome to Silicon Valley–an exciting place to live–especially if you’re in your twenties, with impeccable geek/nerd/ and/or MBA credentials, and earning the equivalent of my annual […]

Mar 232014

Woody Allen, born in 1935, is too old to be a Boomer, but he is part of us. We grew up with his movies. His take on romance are part and parcel of the Boomer experience, and his film character is one of our heroes. I recently met a man at one of those self-actualization […]

Mar 162014

Are you an atheist, or a Boomer metrosexual, macho, or feminist who can’t tell a hamsa from a handshake, and thinks all things Israeli are the height of political incorrectness? But if you’re a mature single, you have a lot in common with singles with whom you think you have nothing in common. Let’s take […]

Jan 122014
Mature Singles, “Her,” and the Technology of Love

Has life as a mature single become tiresome and awkward—“awk” as my 21-year-old daughter would say? Does online dating feel like an investment of time and energy that is out of proportion with the ROI (Return on Investment)? Are you beginning to lose hope that you will find your mature lover and partner? Mature singles, […]

Dec 152013
Love, Life, Dialysis, and the Mature Single

Today, I went from dying to birth. Life, dialysis, and the longing for love—all on a workday Thursday. My first assignment sent me to the Dialysis Center at a county hospital. It’s like walking into a roomful of living dead. Some patients are wrapped like mummies in Kmart blankets borrowed from children or grandchildren—Power Rangers […]

Nov 032013
Dinner and the Mature Dater—The Dilemma of the Romantic Dinner ROI

What does food have to do with mature singles and romance? Does dinner equal sex? It’s food for thought. There is a tacit, time-honored dating assumption that a certain amount of food and drink add up to sex. It’s one of the oldest transactions in romantic commerce–the ROI (return on investment) of romantic dining. A […]

Sep 272013
Twentieth First Century Dating with Jane Austen:  Blame it on Jane

As a mature single of the female persuasion, I read Jane Austen’s books every few years and have seen almost every movie version featuring English male eye candy like Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. What does Jane Austen have to do with us, the single, mature dater navigating the shoals of twenty-first century dating since […]

Aug 302013
Scientific Nose Matching for Romance: Rhino Romance Chapter 1

Welcome to the Theory and Practice of scientific matching through Rhino Romance–how to follow your nose to romance. To understand this promising new breakthrough in scientific matching and romance, L.I.L. will first summarize the current scientific research on noses. (It’s confusing for zoo lovers, but “rhino” is actually from the Greek for nose). According to […]

Aug 092013
Unrequited Romance, Online Dating and the Elusive LTR—Why Do We It?

Online dating is designed to cut directly to the chase –supply us with the most scientifically matched prospects to multiply our chances for a mutually fulfilling LTR. But multiplying the prospects also exponentially increases the chance for unrequited romance—rejection by people who we would never even have met, let alone reject us, except through online […]

Jul 052013
Allergies and Online Dating—Romance is in the Air

Romance is in the air. So is pollen. And the two are on a collision course when it comes to finding your romantic match through online dating. Ninety-five percent of the men on Match.com and other sites want to be outdoors, it seems—hiking, backpacking, snorkeling, mountain climbing, camping. Then there are the men you see […]