Sep 102017
Boomers in Bed-Libido, Love, and LTRs

There’s an aspect of my current state as a boomer mature single that is distinctly inconvenient —my libido. In theory, sex is all men ever want and I should be handing out numbers like a deli counter. If you’re looking for the whole package—libido plus LTR—life is more complicated. (We’re not counting the twenty-eight-old aspiring […]

Jun 142013
Invidious) Comparisons--The Mature Single and The Self-Defeating Spreadsheet from Hell

There can be nothing quite so dispiriting as hearing how well other people are doing. Is this some kind of defect in human nature—or just mine? It’s not that you wish other people ill—of course not. You’re genuinely happy that they’re doing fine. You know you should take this as a positive sign that you […]